About Us

Metal Rabbit Games is a mobile game developer located in Changzhou, China 常州.

We formed in May of 2012 and released our first mobile app in November of 2012.  Weather Rabbit is a weather app, with a virtual rabbit that experiences similar weather to yours, based on automatically getting your location from your mobile device, and generating an environment for the rabbit based on real time, scientific weather data from Wunderground.  Metal Rabbit Games did the art, animation, and programming for the app.  Weather Rabbit was produced and published by the US company, Rabbx Inc, and is available globally from iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.

While part of our team continues to work on updates for Weather Rabbit, we’ve also begun work on our second app, which is a game for a licensed property. The name and details of this project are still unannounced, but it is being developed to work on the Ouya console, as well as on Android and iOS touchscreen devices.

MRG Team